Vantage Point helped a crushed sand & gravel producer gain competitive edge.

The largest family-owned producer of crushed gravel and stone optimized their equipment usage, achieved cost savings, and gained a competitive edge through the adoption of Vantage Point.

The Challenge

The company struggled to utilize its fleet data and identify improvement opportunities effectively. They faced challenges in finding affordable solutions that could provide real-time insights and address operator habits impacting their bottom-line profitability and equipment utilization.

The Solution

To overcome these challenges, they implemented Vantage Point, an affordable and comprehensive Sand, Gravel, and Quarry operations productivity solution. Vantage Point offered real-time data visibility, empowering the entire team to identify improvement opportunities and make informed decisions. The platform seamlessly integrated with existing telematics equipment, ensuring compatibility with their operations.

The Results

Operational Efficiency: Real-time insights enabled proactive decision-making, improving operational
efficiency across multiple sites.

Cost Savings: Identification and rectification of operator habits led to cost savings and optimized equipment usage, positively impacting the company’s bottom line.

Team Empowerment: Vantage Point empowered operators and site foreman to self-identify improvement opportunities, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and collaboration.

Streamlined Data Management: Vantage Point eliminated the need for manual data consolidation and complex spreadsheets, saving time and resources while eliminating IT requirements for constant updates.

Scalability: Vantage Point accommodated operations of any size, enabling effective management across multiple sites and operating companies.

Use Case & Testimonials

Technical Training and Systems Coach

Emphasized the significance of Vantage Point in his role. He states that the platform enables him to easily stay informed about ongoing activities across multiple sites. By providing real-time insights, Vantage Point allows him to identify trends and address potential issues promptly. He particularly appreciates the long-term trend data, which enables him to identify and rectify equipment operator habits that may adversely affect the company’s bottom line.

Mine Development and Equipment Manager

Expresses the company’s previous struggle to find affordable solutions to utilize their fleet data effectively. However, with Vantage Point, they have found an affordable and machine-agnostic platform that aligns with their fleet management goals. Vantage Point not only benefits management but also empowers the entire team. The platform serves as a valuable tool for operators and site foreman, enabling them to self-identify improvement opportunities. By providing data-driven insights, Vantage Point fosters a team conversation that inspires commitment to change and drives continuous improvement.


Vantage Point provides a more accurate view of site operations by evaluating long-term data trends helping multiple departments within this large organization day to day-to-day site productivity management. Operators can work naturally without feeling constantly observed, enabling the collection of authentic data sets. The platform seamlessly integrates with existing telematics equipment, aggregating all data into customizable dashboards. Vantage Point’s predictive analytics facilitates informed decision-making by combining data streams from various telematics equipment. In conclusion, The company achieved immediate and consistent long-term cost savings, optimized equipment usage, and enhanced overall performance.