Erik Elkington Appointed as General Manager of Vantage Point: A Visionary Move for the Future of Quarry Operations and the Aggregate Industry

WESTPORT, Conn., Jan. 25, 2024 – Vantage Point, a leader in providing device-agnostic productivity data & analysis for the quarry operations and aggregate industry, is excited to announce Erik Elkington as its new General Manager. With a long career in Leadership and a proven track record of driving product & revenue growth, Elkington is set to lock Vantage Point into its position as the Market leader.

Background & Expertise
Erik Elkington brings over 15 years of dynamic experience in Leadership, having significantly contributed to the growth & sustainable success of Zonar Systems and EverDriven(ALC). His expertise in direct sales, strategic market insights, and leadership have been pivotal in leading two startups into sustainable, respected industry solutions providers.

Vision for Vantage Point
Under Elkington’s leadership, Vantage Point is poised to strengthen its market position through innovative strategies with a customer-centric approach. Elkington’s immediate goal is to expand Vantage Point’s reach to 100 new quarry sites in 2024, with a long-term plan to integrate 300 additional sites in 2025. His strategy includes fostering a culture of continuous improvement, staying attuned to market trends, nurturing strategic partnerships, and prioritizing talent development within the team.

Understanding the Industry
Elkington’s knowledge of the quarry and aggregate industry’s current landscape is crucial in navigating its trends and challenges. His focus on addressing key industry challenges aligns with Vantage Point’s mission to empower quarry operations to do more with less.

Innovations & Leadership Philosophy
Vantage Point, under Elkington’s guidance, will continue to evolve its products and services, focusing on delivering actionable data for all levels of aggregate operations. Elkington emphasizes a customer-centric leadership style, actively listening to customers to ensure their needs are at the forefront of decision-making. His approach fosters innovation, collaboration, and a commitment to excellence.

Message to Stakeholders
Erik Elkington’s message to Vantage Point’s customers and partners is clear: “Our productivity software is your strategic partner in achieving operational excellence. We are ready to help your business overcome industry-wide labor challenges, increased equipment costs, and increased fuel costs, along with fractured data from Manufacturers to push quarry operations to new heights with enhanced visibility through easy-to-use software & mobile applications.”

Personal Values & Outlook
Elkington’s professional life is guided by principles of integrity, accountability, innovation, and customer-centricity. His experiences with Zonar and EverDriven(ALC) have profoundly shaped his professional outlook, underscoring the importance of a team effort in achieving strategic goals.

A New Era for Vantage Point
As Vantage Point welcomes Erik Elkington as its General Manager, the company reaffirms its commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that revolutionize quarry operations and aggregate industry bottom-line margins. Elkington’s appointment marks the beginning of a new era, one that promises growth, innovation, and an unwavering focus on customer satisfaction.

About Vantage Point
Vantage Point, a scalable solution for Quarry Operations, provides real-time access to actionable insights, equipment productivity, cycle times, and load/dump counts. It’s a cloud-based solution implemented at over 100 quarry sites in North America and trusted by 5 of the top 8 aggregate producers in the US. The solution integrates seamlessly with various equipment types and GPS solutions, offering a straightforward, effective approach to improving operational efficiency in the quarry industry.

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