Use Technology To Boost Productivity

Productivity hasn’t exactly been a hallmark of the construction industry over the past two decades.

In fact, construction productivity – measured by value-added per hour – in the U.S. has consistently declined over the past four decades, according to a McKinsey Global Institute study.

Many experts point to the industry’s slow acceptance of technological advances that other industries such as manufacturing have more readily embraced as being a culprit. Having a shortage of skilled labor has also hampered the industry, with not enough young people entering the jobs vacated by the retirements of long-tenured experts.

Companies can begin to reverse this unfortunate trend by taking small steps to start employing more efficient practices on the job site.

Tethr It is a platform that visually connects experts with customers and service personnel in the field driving efficiencies, cost savings and uptime. Since it’s a cloud-based platform, no additional hardware or software is required and works from any pc, smartphone or tablet.

Tethr It can help improve productivity in the following ways:

  1. Repairs without dispatch: Ever had a service call where the technician responds to your call hours after getting your call, only to fix the problem within 10 minutes? You’re out several hundred dollars for the visit and several hours of downtime. With Tethr It, many issues can be resolved quickly without even dispatching a technician.
  2. Pre-diagnosis saves time: Tethr It improves first-time fix rates because service professionals are more likely to be equipped with the proper tools equipment to resolve the problem, reducing the need for subsequent visits to the location.
  3. Expert advice: Tethr It’s team of master technicians able to work from the comfort of home minimizes the impact of the skilled labor shortage affecting construction and other industries. Having access to these technical professionals increases the likelihood of addressing equipment problems properly and quickly.
  4. Pick your expert: Need someone with a knowledge base applicable to your field? With Tethr It, the user can select a technician based on their skill set. Productivity rises as a result of having assistance from someone who knows the equipment best.

To find out more about how Tethr It can increase your productivity, schedule a 30-minute demo by calling us at 540-682-2657 or completing a form online.

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